Harmel Codi removed from Auditor selection committee

Harmel Codi, recently a candidate for Commissioner of DeKalb County District 5, was the center of attention at the Legislative Town Hall meeting on Thursday, January 7, 2015.  Ms. Codi, who was recently selected to be a member of the oversight committee that will review candidates for the position of independent internal auditor for DeKalb County has now been removed from the committee. 

The independent Auditor position came about largely as a result of Blueprint DeKalb's efforts to create more fiscal oversight and better governance in DeKalb County. The GA State Assembly approved HB599 which called for several actions to improve governance in DeKalb County.  The removal of Ms. Codi gives the appearance of a political taint to Ms. Codi's removal. Thus, even as efforts are made to restore integrity and transparency to DeKalb County, it seems there are efforts to combat them.

It should be noted that the Charter of proposed Greenhaven has most of the good governance measures called for by Blueprint DeKalb and others including an independent auditor, 2 term limits, citizen appointments to the Ethics Board and Citizen Review Board, and leadership that lives within city limits.  This is all apart from the citizen participation component - Community Area Planning Units. 

Despite offering what almost everyone is saying they want to see, the residents of Greenhaven risk not even getting the opportunity to have these measures because we are being denied the right to vote for cityhood in a public referendum.  Call your legislators and tell them, "Don't deny us the right to vote."