Thank you in advance...

Your generous donation to this cause will enable the Greenhaven cityhood campaign to purchase materials and organize the distribution of information needed to adequately answer the questions many of our neighbors have.  Every neighborhood deserves to have the details of this historic issue debated in organized public forums. 

This kind of public outreach should not be silenced by lawmakers denying south DeKalb the right to vote on their destiny.  Nor should these public debate forums be limited by political interests.   They should be plentiful, easily accessible and fully informational with displays of research and fact-based evidence. 

To continue this type of outreach this movement needs the support of generous donations, as well as the smallest of donations from as many conscientious citizens as possible. 

Whether you are already in favor of municipal incorporation in south DeKalb, or if you are undecided, please at least fund this effort to fully and openly debate the studied facts.