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Chapter 1:

The Beginning

Once upon a time, southern DeKalb was quiet, unspoiled fertile ground next to the booming city of Atlanta.  It attracted people who had lots of money.  The people who moved there loved their space, farms, big houses and privacy, so they told businesses who came knocking to find somewhere else to build.  But as time went on, lots of other people moved there.  Things began to change and little ole south DeKalb started becoming a major suburban/urban area.


Chapter 2:

Growing Up

South DeKalb was growing up but it did so differently than its brother in the north. In the north there were restaurants, retail stores, theatres, advanced broadband, a lot more businesses, shiny office towers and big malls, which skipped over south DeKalb.  The new people moving into south DeKalb yearned for diverse development too.


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Chapter 3:

Becoming a City

While the county continued to provide services, people in the north wanted more local control and enrichment so they formed cities.  In time, people in south DeKalb realized cityhood was good for them too. They decided to form Greenhaven so they could take advantage of the land area that contains the future economic development potential of DeKalb County. Their priorities were Economic Development, Quality of Life, Education, Safety and their own STEAM.


We want to create a city for the following reasons

Chapter 4:

The Future??

Bills for Greenhaven have been introduced in the state legislature in 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018. Each year, the Greenhaven team has met all the requirements but the state legislature has not yet voted to approve a referendum so residents can vote on Greenhaven.  Greenhaven remains the only cityhood movement where all the requirements have been met but residents (who ultimately decide) have been denied the right to vote and exercise self-determination. What are you going to do about it?


Here's What You Can Do

1. JOIN US.  Click here to Join or click on the "Join the Movement" button above, complete the form and click Submit.  The Outreach Team will contact you right away.

2. CALL YOUR LEGISLATOR AND TELL THEM SOUTH DEKALB RESIDENTS SHOULD BE ALLOWED A VOTE ON GREENHAVEN.  Go to the menu at the top of this page, select FAQ, select "Who's My Legislator?"  There are 17 legislators representing Greenhaven.  Call and email one or all of them!

3. ASK YOUR HOMEOWNER/CIVIC/NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION TO INVITE US TO A MEETING WHERE WE CAN EXPLAIN ABOUT GREENHAVEN.  Invite us and we'll attend your meeting or you can invite family, friends and neighbors to our regular Orientation meetings starting February 2018 (see Calendar).

4. GET A GREENHAVEN YARD SIGN AND PUT ONE UP IN YOUR YARD.  We have a suggested donation of $10 for the sign so we can keep them coming.  This might be a good time to gift your neighbor or donate so we can give to others.

5. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, SUPPORT YOUR RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION!!  We need funding to ensure that residents are kept adequately informed.



$5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $200.....Do what you can.  Every bit helps!

Support the Greenhaven Movement

Donations can also be mailed to PO Box 362198, Decatur GA 30036


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