1. JOIN US.  Click here to Join or click on the "Join the Movement" button above, complete the form and click Submit.  The Outreach Team will contact you right away.

2. CALL YOUR LEGISLATOR AND TELL THEM SOUTH DEKALB RESIDENTS SHOULD BE ALLOWED A VOTE ON GREENHAVEN.  Go to the menu at the top of this page, select FAQ, select "Who's My Legislator?"  There are 17 legislators representing Greenhaven.  Call and email one or all of them!

3. ASK YOUR HOMEOWNER/CIVIC/NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION TO INVITE US TO A MEETING WHERE WE CAN EXPLAIN ABOUT GREENHAVEN.  Invite us and we'll attend your meeting or you can invite family, friends and neighbors to one of our monthly meetings.

4. GET A GREENHAVEN YARD SIGN AND PUT ONE UP IN YOUR YARD.  We have a suggested donation of $10 for the sign so we can keep them coming.  This might be a good time to gift your neighbor or donate so we can give to others.

5. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, SUPPORT YOUR RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION!!  We need funding to ensure that residents are kept adequately informed.


$5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $200.....Do what you can.  Every bit helps!


Support the Greenhaven Movement