Map of Greenhaven provided courtesy of Atlanta Regional Commission

Map of Greenhaven provided courtesy of Atlanta Regional Commission

Proposed Greenhaven is composed of a geographical area that covers all area south of U.S. Route 78 until it hits I-285 and then all area south of Memorial Drive until it hits the eastern border of DeKalb County excluding all incorporated cities within these boundaries (including Stonecrest, Stone Mountain, Clarkston, Lithonia and Pine Lake).  In 2015, this Greenhaven area had a population of approximately 294,000.


Who Are We?

The Greenhaven Business Alliance is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization created to promote the economic potential of south DeKalb and to assist in the implementation of the proposed City of Greenhaven. Click here for GBA's Mission and Vision statement.

CCCSD is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to create a healthy, vibrant city (Greenhaven)that will enhance the quality of life for its citizens.  Click here for CCCSD's Mission and Vision statement. 

So, why a city?

GBA and CCCSD view this effort as a strategic positioning of you in southern DeKalb to join the rest of the region in effectively competing for assets and quality of life.  Forming a city would:

-          Allow you to have local governance that focuses primarily on proposed Greenhaven with economic development and jobs as a prime objective.

-          Protect commercial and valuable assets in southern DeKalb from being annexed by smaller cities.  These cities have a higher tax bases than unincorporated DeKalb. In addition, the diminished revenue to the county could causes taxes to rise for residents of unincorporated DeKalb.

-          Protect you, as a resident in proposed Greenhaven, from bearing the burden of pension costs that disproportionately fall on residents in unincorporated DeKalb.

-           Introduce good governance measures such as 2 term limits, citizen approval for Council salary increases, citizen appointments to the Greenhaven Board of Ethics, an independent financial audit, residency requirements for key staff, and support of community participation through the Community Area Planning Units (CAPUs).


And, why a Large City?

Proposed Greenhaven is commercially underdeveloped compared to its neighbors.  In order to address its commercial vulnerability and disparity, Greenhaven has to amend the model most cities are following. 

-          Small cities in southern DeKalb find it hard to be sustainable.  They have significantly higher millage/tax rates than their northern counterparts in order to provide services.

-          Taxes are likely to remain lower with a big city due to economies of scale (costs can be spread over a larger population).

-          Proposed Greenhaven’s primary weakness – its economic vulnerability – would significantly benefit from being able to leverage larger sums of money for bigger projects and for being able to cohesively plan over a larger territory while providing a united community to potential investors (from the federal government to international businesses).

-          A big city has its challenges.  CCCSD addresses local representation - a sense of place and control - by following models such as the city of Atlanta. Elected officials are complemented by community led groups which proposed Greenhaven would call Community Area Planning Units (CAPUs).


Bills for cityhood were introduced in the 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018 legislative session. Phase 1 (Preparation) has been completed, which consisted of completing a feasibility study (resulting in an estimated $27 million in excess revenue).  Two remaining phases are required.  Phase 2 is gaining the Approval of the GA General Assembly to allow a referendum (vote by the people). A bill was re-introduced on January 8, 2018.  Phase 3 is to continue the Education and Debate among citizens and voters about the proposed Greenhaven movement leading up to the public referendum in 2018.

What's urgent now is that legislators do not deny us the right to vote!


  • Formed an organization, CCCSD, to take responsibility for the formation of Greenhaven.
  • Formed the Greenhaven Business Alliance (GBA) to promote the economic development potential of south DeKalb and assist in the implementation of Greenhaven.
  • Established boundaries and a map with help from DeKalb County, GA State Assembly and ARC.
  • Introduced Greenhaven bills in the GA State Assembly in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
  • Featured Greenhaven efforts in local and major newspapers, NPR, radio shows, Creative Loafing, Internet newspaper and so forth.

This historic movement needs resources, volunteers and funding.  Your small donation will go a long way.

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  • Conducted a feasibility study with UGA CVI that estimated $27 million in excess revenue. 
  • Attended over 142 meetings with residents, businesses, churches, legislators, students and others. 
  • Created a Charter with good governance measures and Community Area Plannning Units.
  • Developed an Economic Development Vision/Plan for Greenhaven.
  • Promoted the results of a study that found 42 of 44 majority-minority cities that formed between 1990-2010 have been financially solvent (or better) and improved the lives of their citizens.